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We offer training and consultancy services in many relevant fields of endeavour, to meet the demand of the market and aspirations of individuals and organisations. We undertake three core services tailored towards empowering people to enable them achieve their purpose in life. Our most services are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on the services, current promotions and custom options.


Apprenticeships are a nice way of growing your own workforce to suit the purpose of your business for effective service delivery. Whatever industry you belong, apprenticeships can deliver a range of benefits. Having apprentices as part of your personnel will help to

  • Smooth out recruitment challenges, hence strengthen the business
  • Populate your workforce with young talents and ambitious, upwardly mobile personnel with current
      staff exuding creativity, drive and enthusiasm
  • Provide tailored training specific to the business
  • Reduce staff turnover and helps your business to acquire and retain the skills it needs to drive its goals.

In summary, apprenticeships work for your business. See details…


Several training courses are run at the Centre everyday except Sundays. Lectures are delivered by experienced tutors and assessors in our well equipped halls. The number of learners per session is usually low to allow for effective teaching. Courses can be viewed at our Funded Courses or other Courses pages.The Centre is accredited by a number of highly recognized Awarding Organizations to deliver training up to Level 7 (Postgraduate Level) and we reliably deliver to all levels of staff, from new recruits to Senior Executives. We provide training courses in fields ranging from Health and Social care to Customer Service, Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Teaching, Security, Assessors’ and Verifiers’ (IQA), and many more. We also offer Mandatory and Short Health and Social Care courses and Professional Development Courses.


Our Recruitment Agency is a unique international recruitment outfit which is designed to support companies of all sizes with the recruitment of dedicated workers in Healthcare, Social care, Children workforce and other related skills. See details…


We also undertake consultancy services particularly for other Centres or Educational institutions on matters relating to training, empowerment or quality assurance. We offer Consultancy Services to various organizations. We support individuals and organizations to set up new businesses like Training Centre, providing the necessary advise, documentation and expertise needed and we carry out Need Analysis and Assessments on existing businesses and advise the owners appropriately, where such individuals and organizations desire expansion.


We will empower people by helping them choose appropriate training that suits their purpose. We do not hesitate to assist individuals to decide on how to train in order to contribute more to society. See details…

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